Les Enseignants sur Scène - TRIO FAVOLA

Date de création
Sophie Urhausen - Viola
Luca Pelanda - Clarinet
Kozue Kawabata - Piano The „Trio Favola” is a chamber music trio, formed by three talented young musicians from Luxembourg, Italy and Japan. The trio is based in Vienna where the three musicians met during their studies at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna). Their repertoire reaches from the so-called First Viennese School through romanticism to contemporary music. Their standard repertoire includes works such as W. A. Mozart’s „Kegelstatt Trio” KV 498, M. Bruch’s eight pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Op. 83, R. Schumann’s „Märchenerzählungen” (Fairy Tale Narrations) Op. 132, and J. Widmann’s „es war einmal...” (once upon a time, 2015). The last piece, „once upon a time” was so far performed only by the composer himself and the Trio Favola, and it was an honour to perform it as a premiere in Japan.The trio was named after the central part of the program: Schumann’s fairy tale narrations and its sequel „once upon a time” by Jörg Widmann. „Favola” is the Italian word for fairy tale and is related to the trio’s idea of music: telling stories, describing emotions and moving the audience with their art, by connecting the technical and musical skills of the three young artists with their sensibility and passion for music. The three musicians, having different origins and backgrounds, are also different in their characters and views of music, and it might be exactly this fact that makes this ensemble so special, the collaboration from different points of view with the aim of achieving a common result. So far, the trio has played concerts in Austria, Italy and Japan (Matsuyama, Osaka, Tokyo).

60 Min. ohne Pause